COVID-19 Update

As so many have found, the pandemic has had a dramatic affect upon our daily lives. As a charity it has made it even more difficult to balance parenting, working and trying to keep all things Courage ticking along. 

We are super happy though that we now have our Courage team back in the Courage HQ and are able to begin working through the back log. Please do bear with us as we work through the emails and the waiting lists. Please do not fear, we normally have a 3 year time scale on our applications but we are extending this until we manage to get back to our normal work pattern. 

Most theme parks and attractions have been closed for a significant period of lockdown and so we have been unable to make purchases with them. Some have also changed their policies around annual passes and season tickets, but please be assured we are trying our hardest and working with them to try and get applications processed ASAP.


Thanks so much for bearing with us - as ever if you have any questions, please use the contact us form.