Am I eligible to receive support?

We have a number of criteria for who is eligible to receive support from us:

* Have you been bereaved of a sibling or parent? (Please note we are unable to offer support following still birth or miscarriage).

* Has the bereavement taken place in the last two years? (Although if you have previously applied and are waiting for support we have extended this time frame due to COVID).

* Are those beneficiaries of support under the age of 18?

How does the process work?

Anyone can apply for support on behalf of a bereaved child and their family. When you complete the application form, we then in due course will send out a more detailed application pack to the family. Here you can nominate a local theme park or attraction for which you would like to receive annual passes and we will do our best to arrange everything else.

Do you offer counselling or advice?

Sadly we know from our own personal experience just how difficult it can be following the loss of a loved one. Getting the right emotional and mental health support for yourself and your children is super important. We ourselves are unable to offer emotional or counselling support but we can recommend the following charities or organisations who may be able to be of help.

* Simon Says which works locally in Hampshire

* Child Bereavement UK are a national bereavement charity

* Winstons Wish are another national charity which offer some fantastic resources for children

* Care for the Family are a Christian charity which offers specific support to bereaved parents